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Ventura Partners is a real estate development company bringing a new perspective to commercial real estate.  We partner in projects that enhance community infrastructure and incorporate programming that supports the long-term health of neighborhoods.  We do this while supporting opportunities for local ownership of assets and seeking a competitive financial return to investors.

We have decades of experience in developing and managing commercial nonprofit properties.  Drawing from experience in all aspects of commercial development, the firm offers expertise in the financing, construction, renovation and conversion of retail, office and special use properties.   Kim Frentz Edmonds is the Principal and Founder of Ventura Partners, which established its San Francisco office in 2003 and its Oakland office in 2016.





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Areas of Practice

Community Impact

When we approach a project, we evaluate its community returns right alongside its financial returns, and recognize that these are complimentary.  If managed correctly, what is good for the community is good for the bottom line.  This also motivates the development of ownership structures that give our nonprofit partners and members of the community the opportunity for financial returns from neighborhood investment.

Project Management 

Our clients are looking for the opportunity to use real estate to further their missions. Frequently, organizational capacity and experience is the only thing standing between their vision and a successful bricks and mortar project. Our professional Project Management services bring structure and expertise to mitigate risk and coordinate the countless activities required to meet their goals. Our services are the infrastructure for keeping projects on track to meet financial and timing requirements.  We focus on organized planning and ongoing problem solving to prevent delays and facilitate timely decisions. While closely minding the pocketbook, we manage construction progress through the implementation of clear and detailed processes.


Undertaking and completing successful real estate projects is a complicated process that requires expertise in finance, team management, construction, and ultimately, marketing and facilities operations.  Ventura Partners brings skills and experience in all of these areas, and then we structure projects with an eye toward community ownership for the long-term.   We collaborate with our nonprofit and community partners to ensure that their priorities are served by the bricks and mortar facilities, and that benefits accrue to the local stakeholders.


Our long history of working with complex projects and multi-layered financing, has served us well in developing a comprehensive understanding of traditional and new financing opportunities.  We can help to conceptualize innovative combinations of debt, equity and hybrid mechanisms for reaching project goals, and then create the methods for bringing them on board.

Property Management

We provide the tools and administrative services needed to manage a wide range of property types. From mom-and-pop shops to large-scale commercial facilities involving complex co-location and shared space agreements, we have the know-how to manage even the most intricate processes. We focus on maximizing the value of commercial assets, and providing financial and programmatic benefits to our partners.  We bring the organizational tools required to effectively manage properties that support the economic and social activity of the neighborhoods in which we work.


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