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2021 Company Vision

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Ventura Partners Vision using the Entrepreneurial Operating System, EOS(R)

In the 2021 annual retreat, the Leadership Team revisited the key elements of Ventura Partners as a business and set a focus on effectively communicating them to employees as well as making them easy to access.

Our core values, core focus, ten year target, three year picture, and marketing strategy are all listed in text and at-a-glance in the visual below: the Vision/Traction Organizer (TM).



  1. Mission Driven

  2. Collaborative

  3. Nimble

  4. Resourceful


  • Purpose/Cause/Passion: Supporting vibrant communities by facilitating Local Opportunities

  • Our Niche Commercial real estate services benefitting the community


  • $5 million revenue

  • $750,000 profit

  • West coast expansion

  • 50% equity partnerships, 50% fee-based

3-YEAR PICTURE Measurables What does it look like?

Future Date: November 20, 2023 - Equity in at least one project

Revenue: $1,200,000 - Employee profit sharing

Profit: $100,000 - Investment fund established


Target Market/ The List

  • Development/Consulting Community Organizations with capacity to purchase CRE but not internal commercial real estate estate expertise

  • Property Management CRE owners for mission driven purpose: 10,0000 or more square feet plus revenue potential $5,000/month or more within 2 years

  • Consulting (marketing, not standalone) Clients with existing business as identified above, or with potential to provide business as identified above.

Three Uniques

  1. Deep history with NPOs & small businesses

  2. Provide capacity buildings to partners & clients

  3. Financing experience: long term success POV

Proven Process & Guarantee are still in development. Please share your thoughts if you have any ideas that might contribute to that conversation

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